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Seismic Cable Sway Bracing Kits

Seismic Cable Sway Bracing Kits are available with two cables (2-way brace) or with four cables (4-way brace) and completed with factory-installed stake eye fittings that are permanently attached, as well as the zinc-plated oval sleeves needed to swage the loose end of the cables.

Kits are available in #GO3 (GOLD), #OR4 (ORANGE), #GR6 (GREEN), and #BL8 (BLACK) cable sizes. Each cable kit is custom made to the length that is required on the job site.

As extra material, we recommend ordering a small 250 ft. spool of Seismic Bracing Cable and a box of oval sleeves in each of the sizes used on the project. This is a very inexpensive way to continue to hold installation costs down.

These convenient seismic cable sway bracing kits save time at the job site and eliminate the need for the hand fabrication of each seismic sway brace.

Seismic Cable Sway Bracing Kits

Seismic Bracing Unique Features

Loos & Co’s Seismic Braces are the only cable sway braces that:

  • Are Third Party Listed (UL & ICC-ES ) for use in complying with NFPA 13 for fire sprinkler systems.
  • Are Third Party Listed for use in complying with the International Building Code (IBC).
  • Are Third Party tested/Listed to verify that cable assemblies, including fittings, maintain the cable nominal breaking strength per ASCE 19, as required by IBC, ASCE 7 and NFPA13.
  • Have swaged end fittings as required by the 2018 IBC per ASCE 19-16, which does not permit wedge and clip type fittings.
  • Certify the minimum breaking strength of the sway bracing assemblies.
  • Comply with NFPA 13, ASCE 19, the IBC and ASCE 7.
  • Are Listed as approved products in Spears CPVC Compatibility List.
  • Are listed by FBC for system compatibility with Lubrizol CPVC pipe.