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SAF2R (Seismic Anchoring Fitting – 2-Way- Retrofit)

Part No. SAF2R

The SAF2R (Seismic Anchoring Fitting Retrofit) clips are used in the same manner as the SAF2, except that they are slotted to permit a hex nut on an existing component to be loosened, the SAF2R positioned, and the hex nut re-tightened. The fitting can be used in a 2-way brace or a 4-way brace. The SAF2R is available for size #GO3 (GOLD) and #OR4 (ORANGE) cable. All of the bolt hole sizes from 1/4″ through 5/8″ are available.

SAF2R (Seismic Anchoring Fitting - 2-Way- Retrofit)

SAF2R Clips Features