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Thank you for the investment of your time and for taking a look at the Seismic Bracing Cable manufactured by Loos & Co., Inc. in Naples, FL. We are confident you will find some very useful information and tools within this website.

Loos & Company has been in the cable manufacturing business since 1958. We specialize in many configurations of miniature aircraft cable, wire rope, and cable fittings. Our various products, depending on type, can be found in everything from commercial and military aircraft flight control cables down to material handling equipment and rigging applications. In all instances, strong cables and secure connections are critical and must follow exacting manufacturing processes; hence, our newest entry into the Building Industry: Seismic Bracing Cable and Cable Assemblies.

As you are undoubtedly aware, quite a bit of confusion exists in the commercial construction industry regarding the correct applications of the Code Referenced Building Standards when it comes to the selection, design, and installation of seismic bracing components that pertain to the non-structural overhead mechanical systems that are used in public buildings. Additionally, the building codes are constantly being changed though updates and improvements.

To view other Seismic Bracing Cable applications, check out our Contractors page here or our Site Inspectors and Property Owners page here

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