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Our Products

Seismic Bracing Cable Products

Loos & Co’s Seismic Bracing Cable Assemblies are the very best cable sway braces! Loos & Co. manufactures the most cost-effective, code-compliant seismic bracing system on the market today. The system installs in half the time of conventional rigid pipe bracing systems. The AISI Standard for structural cable includes a requirement for pre-stretching cable, a requirement for using permanent end fittings that are recommended by a cable manufacturer, and a requirement that permanent end fittings develop the break strength of the cable. The Loos & Co., Inc. Seismic Bracing Cable products satisfy these requirements and, therefore, may be used with the best safety factor. This reduces the sizes required to carry the earthquake loads and the smaller sizes employ less expensive end fittings that are faster to install.

EN Seismic Bracing Cable Trifold

Bulk Wire Rope Products

Our Loos Wire Rope comes in 250 ft. spools and have a load rating ranging from 600 pounds all the way up to 4600 pounds.

Sway Bracing Kits: All Sizes

Loos & Co.’s Seismic Braces are not limited in length by the radius of gyration ratio, (1/r) of 200 to resist buckling, because they act in tension only.

Attachment Hardware

All of our oval cable swaging sleeves are in accordance to the MS51844 criteria. Zinc-plated for superior corrosion resistance. Available in all sizes.

Swaging & Crimping Tools

Crimping of the oval sleeve for these braces requires the correct tool to maintain strength. Loos offers handswaging tools as well as battery-powered swaging tools.

Cable Cutters

Loos offers the complete line of Swiss-made FELCO® Brand Cable Cutters. FELCO® is known throughout the world for its unsurpassed quality and reliability in cutting, leaving no frayed cable wires for easy insertion into the sleeves.